Flexible Supply ChainWe have robust supply chain relationships that have been developed over the 35 years we’ve been in business. Our supply chain teams in the U.S. and Mexico have been utilizing these relationships and analytics to closely manage materials through our ERP/MRP software.

From consigned materials that cover our demand for months in both locations to free freight, to the ability to detect adjusting demands daily, we’re able to pivot our supply chain very quickly. With our key suppliers stocking products close to each our three of our facilities, we have the best of both worlds with both consignment and supplier materials stocked locally. Key supplier relationships with our critical sheet metal and machine shop vendors gives us the unique ability to control cost and reduce lead times when required.

We’re also implementing an innovative approach to controlling material shortages called “Segment, Stock and Plan” (SSP) that helps reduce materials shortages by 50-90%. In this new age of longer lead times, the SSP approach helps us keep our commitments to our customers. Our early notification of EOL and obsolete components allows us to work with our customers on securing these parts before they’re depleted, and to help design new options as well.