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Scott Mexico Facility Remodel

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MexicoScott Electronics Inc, Mexico facility has just completed the final phase of renovations that have created improved air quality, building upgrades to front and back along with newly painted manufacturing floors. The facility is currently 35,000 square feet located in Nogales, Sonora Mexico. With office and manufacturing improvements along new state of the art manufacturing stripping and cutting equipment, this facility is poised for growth for years to come.

Currently the facility is manufacturing Medical,Semi Conductor, Industrial Equipment, Automotive and Test Equipment. The facility has been working within a Lean environment for more than 7 years and continues to find ways to improve their efficiencies with employee empowerment and management that continues to challenge the team.

With a full staff to handle all your needs from low volume high mix to high volume applications, Scott Electronics, Inc is prepared to manage all your team’s needs. “With the dedication of our employees, we have proven that this facility has competed and beat competition from the Far East and Brazil. We will continue to focus on customer service and efficiency in order to provide our customers with a product that exceeds their expectations.” David Metzemaekers, Operations Director”

ITAR Certification

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Scott Electronics Achieves ITAR Certification Approved by the U.S. Department of State for Defense, Military, and Sensitive Contract Manufacturing Assembly Projects.

Salem, NH August, 2012 – A leading manufacturing service provider (EMS), Scott Electronics Inc. is a supplier.

International Traffic and Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a United States Federal and Defense technologies, information and services. Any person or U.S. company who wishes to engage in the manufacture and export of articles under the United States Munitions (USML) must register with the United States Department of State to obtain certification under ITAR. Companies receiving this certificate have demonstrated that they have the knowledge and understanding to fully comply with the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and the Traffic in Arms Regulations, as well as the having corporate procedures and controls in place to ensure compliance.

“We are committed to the highest level of quality and manufacturing solutions for our customers where reliability and security are of the utmost importance,” said SEI Director of quality Scott Metzemaekers

July 2013 ~ NHBR’s Health Innovator Awards Program, presented in partnership with Harvard Pilgrim

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For educating its workforce about the importance of wellness, and encouraging its employees to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle, Scott Electronics Inc. has been recognized by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care of New England and NHBR as the most recent Health Innovator Award recipient.

What makes Scott Electronics a standout local company in terms of its health and wellness initiatives/benefits for its employees?

We educate and promote a healthy and positive way of living at work and at home. We have informative lunch and learn sessions that educate employees on healthy ways to eat, we promote preventative office visits through monthly drawings, and we offer morning group stretches with the entire facility. We also have wellness visits from medical personnel to check for high blood pressure and diabetes, along with educational visits from local nutritionists. The wellness program is encouraged from top management and fully embraced by our employees.